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Lawrence (Jake) Klinkert

AI  Video Game Programmer

As a video game programmer, I want to contribute to this vastly growing field of digital entertainment and work with people that share my passion for creating something unprecedented. To do this, I am expanding my knowledge of designing video games and applying practical implementations of artificial intelligence. I specialize in this area; however, I can tackle different programming challenges when asked. I am a perfectionist with my work and recognize time constraints, so as not to waste time on unnecessary details. I work well with others, taking the initiative to lead the group, and understanding when to take a step back and listen. I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile and hope to connect with likeminded individuals.

The Games I Love to Play

Games that focus on their NPCs as intelligent characters rather than props.

The Tech I'd Love to Build

Psychological Modeling for NPCs (in progress)
Affective Computing for agents or players
Natural language processing for dialog systems
The Virtual Storyteller framework by Ivo Swartjes